Good Sneaker For Under $100

Everyone has different taste in sneakers and even value sneakers differently than others. There are people out here that will pay hundreds and even thousands for a pair of some sneakers. Then there are others, like my father, who will buy the cheapest pair of Nike or Adidas out and be perfectly okay with that. Then there are people like me that are in the middle. Sneaker prices have increased over the years due to the economy and sneaker companies trying to maximize their earnings. A lot of people would like to purchase a great looking shoe, but not spend all their money on it. In this blog, I am going to go over some of the sneakers that look nice that retail for $100 or less.


Adidas released a new model last year called the Adidas Alpha-Bounce. It is a running sneaker that looks great casually. It retails for $99.99 with a bunch of different colorways that you can choose from. Now you can even get these shoes for less than retail because a lot of stores have marked them down like Finishline. This is a great option when it comes to sneakers under $100.


Nike Roshe Run 2

The Nike Roshe Run 2 is another great option when it comes to a good looking and affordable sneakers under $100. This sneaker retail for $89.99 and comes in many different colorways as well. Just like the Adidas Alpha-Bounce, you can catch these on sales at different sneaker retails and get for less than the retail price.



Vans are a skateboard sneaker than many people, including me, wear casually. The Vans Old Skool and Vans Authentic lows are some of my favorite models that they have to offer. Both sneakers retail for $60 and come in a bunch of different colorways. For around $120 you can get two pair of these Vans which is still a good deal as well.

Chuck Taylor’s

Finally, we have the classic Converse Chuck Taylor’s. The classic Chuck Taylor All Star Highs retail for $55 and the low tops retail for $50. They released an updated version of the classic Chuck Taylor which they call the Converse Chuck 2. The high-top version of the Chuck 2 retails for $75 and low retails for $70. The Chuck Taylor has been around for a long time and has always been a great option for a good looking affordable sneaker.

These sneakers are good options when it comes to nice sneakers that retail for or under $100. Let me know in the comments how you feel about these sneakers and if there are some other options out that you think could belong on this list.


Female Sneakerheads?

Recently, Sneaker brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Reebok have begun to endorse females. From female athletes like Serena Williams to celebrities such as Rihanna, are beginning to get sneaker deals and even their own shoes.

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor is a famous recording artist and actress that has recently struck a deal with Reebok. The Reebok Question is one of Reeboks most Iconic sneakers that they have produced. The shoes were designed for Allen Iverson, the professional basketball player, to wear while he played. A couple of months ago, Reebok made a special Reebok Question for Teyana Taylor which they released to the public. The shoes features a red leather upper with an icy blue outsole. The sneaker retailed for $159.99.


Serena Williams

Serena Williams is one of the best professional tennis players ever. She has an endorsement deal with Nike in which she wears their shoes on the courts. The Nike Flare Tennis Shoe is the new shoe that Serena is wearing and playing tennis in which retails for $200. This past February, Jordan Brand gave Serena her own Air Jordan 1 colorway that they later released to the public.



Artist and actress Rihanna has made major moves in the sneaker community for females. She has a deal with Puma and they have released many collaborations with the artist. The Fenty Puma x Rihanna is the most recently release from the brand. They are satin woman’s sneakers with a bow in the top of it at retail for $160. They also have matching sandals with a bow on them as well that retail for $90. They also have released Rihanna Fenty Fur slippers as well. The Puma by Rihanna Creeper is the first sneaker that was released to the public. Rihanna has recently made a big impact on the sneaker community in general and especially for women. Puma has gone on to endorse other female celebrities such as Kylie Jenner.


Female athletes and celebrities are finally getting the recognition they deserve from the major brands. They can make an impact on the sneaker community just like their male counterparts. They all have a strong fan base and have a lot of support. All these sneakers or slippers are great shoes and worth the money.  I think this is a great thing and I hope it continues as well. Let me know how you feel about female athletes and celebrities getting deals and sneaker with major sneaker companies in the comments below.

The Nike Hyperdunk 2016

The Nike Hyperdunk has become one of Nike’s most consistent basketball shoe that they have to offer. Nike first launched to Hyperdunk in 2008 in which NBA players such as Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and many other Nike athletes wore in the Olympics. It has been very popular amongst consumers and teams as well. Many different AAU, High School, and College’s wore the new Nike Hyperdunk that year for their team shoe.



The Nike Hyperdunk 2016 is this year’s new model that has been a very consistent shoe from Nike each year. It retails at a price of $140 and can be purchased from and many other retailers such as Eastbay, Finish line, and Footaction. There is a low top version of the Hyperdunk that retails for $130 and a Flyknit version that retails for $200. The Flyknit version is made up of a knitted upper and has full-length zoom air for cushioning.



Some of the features that the Hyperdunk has is heel and forefoot zoom air units. It delivers a low-profile cushion. It provides impact protection when planting and landing hard on your feet. It will allow you to play longer with less pain on your body. It features a textile/fuse upper that is breathable and supportive. Allows for air flow throughout the shoe to keep your feet dry. It is a durable shoe and will last so you can play in them for a good amount of time throughout the year. Fuse is a soft and lightweight, but supportive material that allow for movement in certain areas and support in others. It also has Flywire cables which works together with you shoe laces that give you a nice tight/secure feel that keeps your foot from moving in the foot-bed. The Herringbone traction pattern provides multidirectional traction that will have you secured on any movement preformed on the court so you will not slip. The high-top version has a high ankle collar which provides support to the ankles without restricting the movement of the ankle. This feature can aid in preventing ankle injuries.



I bought the high-top version of the 2016 Nike Hyperdunk. I have enjoyed playing basketball in them so far. I have been playing in them a lot and they are holding up well. If I had to give these a rating, I would give them a 4.5 out 5. They are a great basketball sneaker, and if you are looking for a new shoe to hoop in I would highly recommend you getting the 2016 Nike Hyperdunk.

My Top Five Air Jordan’s Not In My Collection

A week ago, I talked about my top 5 Air Jordan’s Retro sneakers that I have in my collection so far. There are still Air Jordan’s that I am seeking to get in the future. So, for this week’s blog, I am going to go over the top 5 Air Jordan’s that I want to purchase for my collection.


At number five is the Air Jordan 11 “Concord”. I have 4 pairs of 11’s, but I do not have the “Concord” 11’s. These came out several years ago, but I was unable to obtain these when they released due to their tremendous popularity. The resale value of the shoe is too expensive and I cannot afford to get the shoes right now.



At number four is the Air Jordan 3 “Black Cement”. I love this colorway on the Air Jordan 3. I do not own many 3’s right now but, this is my favorite colorway on this sneaker. This is an older shoe as well that came out many years ago. Like the “Concord” the resell value of the “Black Cement” 3’s is very high, but I am hoping for a re-release of this sneaker since Jordan brand is starting to bring back the 3’s.



Coming in at number three is the Air Jordan 1 “Chicago’s”. I have recently became a big fan of the Jordan 1’s and I struck out on this release two years ago. They sold out quicker than I expected. The resell value is high as well, but I can potential add these to my collection soon. I just need to save up some more of my money and can get these for a good deal.



At number two is the Air Jordan 1 “Royal’s”. This shoe is re-releasing this weekend, April 1st. I am hoping to get my pair on Saturday and finally have these in my collection. These came out in 2013 but, like many other shoes, I missed out on the release.



Finally coming in at number one is the Air Jordan 4 “Bred”. This is my favorite Air Jordan 4 ever. There were rumors of this sneaker re-releasing this year, but Jordan brand never confirmed it. I am still hoping they come out either this year or next year so I can get my hands on them. It is hard to find a brand-new pair for a good price.


These are my top 5 sneakers that I want that are not in my collection yet. Tell me your top five sneakers that you want to have in your collection in the comments.

My Top 5 Air Jordan’s In My Collection

Jordan’s are my favorite sneakers ever and I have been collecting them for several years now. For this blog, I am going to go over my top 5 favorite Jordan’s in my collection right now. I am also going to explain why I like these Jordan’s and why I put them on this list.

Number 5

Coming in at number five is the Air Jordan 11 “Bred”. The 11 is one of my favorite Jordan models and I love red, black, and white sneakers. I wear a lot of those colors so these shoes are easy to match an outfit with. I have the low top version of the “Bred” 11, but I am still looking for the mid-top for a decent price.


Number 4

At number four is the Air Jordan 4 “Oreo”. This is the first Jordan 4 that I every bought and I love it. I wear it all the time and as the name “Oreo” infers, it is a predominantly black shoe with some white and gray. The Jordan 4 is my favorite model Jordan ever. I got the shoe from a sneaker site called Chilly Kicks about two years ago.


Number 3

At number three is the Air Jordan 4 “White Cement”. This is one of the cleanest colorways on the Air Jordan 4. I just got the newly released version back in 2016 which the “Nike Air” on the back tab. The shoes are mostly white with black and gray throughout the shoe.


Number 2

Coming in at number two is the Air Jordan 1 “Bred”. The Jordan 1 is Michael Jordan’s first signature shoe that he wore. It is a fairly simple shoe, but this was the shoe that changed everything when it came to sneakers. The Jordan 1 “Bred” is a red, black, and white colorway that Michael wore to match his Chicago Bulls uniforms. I was lucky enough to get my hands on this shoe for retail price last year.


Number 1

Finally, at number one is the Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam”. I talked about the shoe in one of my previous blogs where I explained what my favorite shoe was. The movie Space Jam is one of my favorite movies ever and Jordan wore this same shoe in the movie. This shoe takes me back to my childhood days and means a lot to me.


Let me know down in the comment section what your top Air Jordan’s are or top 5 sneakers are.