Everyone has different taste in sneakers and even value sneakers differently than others. There are people out here that will pay hundreds and even thousands for a pair of some sneakers. Then there are others, like my father, who will buy the cheapest pair of Nike or Adidas out and be perfectly okay with that. Then there are people like me that are in the middle. Sneaker prices have increased over the years due to the economy and sneaker companies trying to maximize their earnings. A lot of people would like to purchase a great looking shoe, but not spend all their money on it. In this blog, I am going to go over some of the sneakers that look nice that retail for $100 or less.


Adidas released a new model last year called the Adidas Alpha-Bounce. It is a running sneaker that looks great casually. It retails for $99.99 with a bunch of different colorways that you can choose from. Now you can even get these shoes for less than retail because a lot of stores have marked them down like Finishline. This is a great option when it comes to sneakers under $100.


Nike Roshe Run 2

The Nike Roshe Run 2 is another great option when it comes to a good looking and affordable sneakers under $100. This sneaker retail for $89.99 and comes in many different colorways as well. Just like the Adidas Alpha-Bounce, you can catch these on sales at different sneaker retails and get for less than the retail price.



Vans are a skateboard sneaker than many people, including me, wear casually. The Vans Old Skool and Vans Authentic lows are some of my favorite models that they have to offer. Both sneakers retail for $60 and come in a bunch of different colorways. For around $120 you can get two pair of these Vans which is still a good deal as well.

Chuck Taylor’s

Finally, we have the classic Converse Chuck Taylor’s. The classic Chuck Taylor All Star Highs retail for $55 and the low tops retail for $50. They released an updated version of the classic Chuck Taylor which they call the Converse Chuck 2. The high-top version of the Chuck 2 retails for $75 and low retails for $70. The Chuck Taylor has been around for a long time and has always been a great option for a good looking affordable sneaker.

These sneakers are good options when it comes to nice sneakers that retail for or under $100. Let me know in the comments how you feel about these sneakers and if there are some other options out that you think could belong on this list.


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