A week ago, I talked about my top 5 Air Jordan’s Retro sneakers that I have in my collection so far. There are still Air Jordan’s that I am seeking to get in the future. So, for this week’s blog, I am going to go over the top 5 Air Jordan’s that I want to purchase for my collection.


At number five is the Air Jordan 11 “Concord”. I have 4 pairs of 11’s, but I do not have the “Concord” 11’s. These came out several years ago, but I was unable to obtain these when they released due to their tremendous popularity. The resale value of the shoe is too expensive and I cannot afford to get the shoes right now.



At number four is the Air Jordan 3 “Black Cement”. I love this colorway on the Air Jordan 3. I do not own many 3’s right now but, this is my favorite colorway on this sneaker. This is an older shoe as well that came out many years ago. Like the “Concord” the resell value of the “Black Cement” 3’s is very high, but I am hoping for a re-release of this sneaker since Jordan brand is starting to bring back the 3’s.



Coming in at number three is the Air Jordan 1 “Chicago’s”. I have recently became a big fan of the Jordan 1’s and I struck out on this release two years ago. They sold out quicker than I expected. The resell value is high as well, but I can potential add these to my collection soon. I just need to save up some more of my money and can get these for a good deal.



At number two is the Air Jordan 1 “Royal’s”. This shoe is re-releasing this weekend, April 1st. I am hoping to get my pair on Saturday and finally have these in my collection. These came out in 2013 but, like many other shoes, I missed out on the release.



Finally coming in at number one is the Air Jordan 4 “Bred”. This is my favorite Air Jordan 4 ever. There were rumors of this sneaker re-releasing this year, but Jordan brand never confirmed it. I am still hoping they come out either this year or next year so I can get my hands on them. It is hard to find a brand-new pair for a good price.


These are my top 5 sneakers that I want that are not in my collection yet. Tell me your top five sneakers that you want to have in your collection in the comments.


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