People have different taste when it comes to fashion and sneakers so I want to find out what everyone’s favorite sneakers are. I decide that for this blog, I was going to ask family and friends if they have a favorite sneaker or sneaker brand. I am also going to tell you what my favorite sneaker is and my favorite sneaker brand.


I called my parents the other day and ask them what their favorite sneaker was, and if they did not have a favorite sneaker, I asked them what their favorite sneaker brand was. I first asked my mother, but she is not really into sneakers. When she does wear sneakers, she wears Nikes and Adidas. I then asked what would be her favorite sneaker brand and she replied that it would be Nike. I then asked my father, and if you know anything about my father, it’s that you would know that he is cheap when it comes to certain things, such as sneakers. He does not have a favorite sneaker, but his favorite brand of sneakers would be Adidas. He said he likes Adidas because they are “cheap and comfortable” as compared to Nikes.


Girlfriends Favorite Sneaker

I then asked my girlfriend if she had a favorite sneaker or sneaker brand. Her response was that her favorite sneaker is the Adidas Pure Boost. She said that the shoe is very comfortable and her favorite thing about the shoe is the Boost cushion. Boost cushion is Adidas’s new foam cushion that is lightweight and ultra-comfortable. It is like you are walking on a cloud.


My Favorite Sneaker

It is very hard for me to decide what my favorite shoe is. I have close to 30 pairs of sneakers and they all are very special to me in different ways. If I had to get rid of them all and just keep one, it would probably be the Air Jordan 11 “Space Jam”. Michael Jordan is one of my favorite players and Space Jam is one of my favorite movies of all time. In Space Jam, Michael Jordan wears the Air Jordan 11’s now known as the Space Jam 11’s. So, it is no surprise that these sneakers would be my favorite. My favorite sneaker brand would have to be Nike/Jordan Brand. Nike and Jordan Brand are basically the same however, Jordan Brand is a branch of Nike sneakers that are dedicated to Michael Jordan.



Everyone has that one sneaker that is their favorite or means a lot to them. Comment down below what your favorite sneakers or sneaker brands are.


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