Young Sneakerhead

I have always been a fan of sneakers since I was a little boy. My parents kept me laced in the newest shoes since I was a baby. They had me in Nikes, Jordan, Converse, and Fila. I did not have as many Nikes or Jordan’s as I did Fila’s due to the price of the shoes at the time. Plus, I was too young to understand the brands of shoes I was wearing and take care of them instead of messing them up like kids do.


Once I began to start playing basketball, I decided my favorite player of all time in the NBA was Allen Iverson. He’s my favorite basketball player to this day. He had his own signature basketball shoes with Reebok. I first played basketball in the Reebok Question, the same shoe that Iverson wore, and then the Reebok Answer 4, one of his signature shoes. I wore these shoes all the time because I wanted to be like my favorite NBA player and even model my game after him.


High School

I casually wore Vans and Converse throughout my middle school and high school years. They were cheap and came in a bunch of different colors and that’s what everyone was wearing during those times. It wasn’t till my Junior year of high school when I broke my foot playing basketball that made me stop focusing on basketball and getting my first job. I would put most of my money in my savings every time I would get paid, then around my Senior year of high school, I began to get back into the sneaker game. I had my own money now and I could go buy shoes whenever I wanted too. I spend $200 which I thought was a lot at that time on some Nike Zoom Rookies. I wore them to school almost every day because I wanted people to see them, but I didn’t want to mess them up or get them dirty. I would show my friends at school and we would all talk about all the shoes we wanted to buy.



Fast forward to now, I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on shoes and have about 30 pairs of shoes. I have Vans, Converse, Nike, Jordan, and Adidas shoes. I am trying to cut back now and have been selling some of my shoes on eBay. Now, I just try to buy the shoes I really, truly want. Leave me some feedback and tell me about how you got into buying and collecting sneakers below.


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