Russell Westbrook is one of the most explosive NBA players in the league today, and possibly ever. He is the point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Russell is having a historic season with the departure of former teammate, Kevin Durant, to the Golden State Warriors. So far, Russell has the most triple doubles of anyone else in the NBA this season and is one of the top prospects for the MVP this year. There has only been one other player to average a triple-double over an NBA season. That player was Oscar Robertson who played with the Cincinnati Royals during the 1961-1962 season. Knowing the history of triple double statistics, this makes Westbrook’s accomplishment impressive, to say the least.

Russell is one of the Jordan Brands flagship athletes and with his deal, he wears the newest Jordan basketball model each season. He signed this deal with Jordan Brand in 2012.  Also with his deal with Jordan, he has his own off-court shoe which is called the Jordan Westbrook 0.2 and the Jordan Westbrook 0 which first came out in 2015. I personally think the shoe is unappealing and I would never purchase the shoe with my own money, but there are plenty of people that feel differently from me. Not many athletes have a casual off-court shoe and not a performance shoe. Many athletes have a performance shoe of their own that they wear during their games to endorse themselves, and the brand that they are representing. With that being said, it made me wonder why Jordan Brand has not given Russell his own signature basketball shoe yet. Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul are the only other NBA players to have a signature shoe with Jordan Brand other than Michael Jordan himself. It could be that with his deal with Jordan Brands, he is the main athlete to endorse the newest Jordan signature sneaker, Air Jordan 31. Maybe Jordan Brand can go back and restructure Westbrooks deal to include a signature basketball shoe alongside his casual shoes. It is hard for me to imagine an NBA player averaging a triple double and being considered one of the best point guards in the NBA not having his own basketball shoe, while plenty of less talented players having signature sneakers with other brands. I think Russell should have, and deserves, his own signature basketball sneaker with Jordan Brand, and I believe the sales of that shoe would be better than his casual sneaker.


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